Recumbent Racing – Sebring 2006 and 2007

After the exciting battle between James Kern (486.3 miles) and Christopher McDonald (500 miles) for the overall course record in 2005, we anxiously awaited Sebring 2006 knowing James Kern would take a run at McDonalds 500-mile record.

Recumbent Cyclist Larry Graham Is Setting Records!

The organizers of Calvins Challenge always guarantee Perfect Weather. This year, they were almost dead on with 49 degrees at the start with clear blue skies with a projected high in the mid 60s. The only flaw was the 10 to 20 mph wind out of the Northwest that would persist throughout the day.

Bacchetta Recumbent Team Dominates Sebring Races

“Too much is not enough” best describes my experience at the 2006 Sebring 12/24.
While the weather has always been pretty good for the race, this year it was perfect. The temperature at the 06:30 start was about 60 degrees with fog and most importantly, no wind, unlike the past races that have had 20mph winds all day. The afternoon brought temperatures into the high 70’s to low 80’s under blazing bright sun and deep blue clear skies. The conditions were definitely too nice, but not more than we could stand.

Bacchetta Recumbents Power John Foote To A RAAM Qualification!

On Sunday morning, 2/19/06, at 6:30 AM 48 year old John Foote, an Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) member from Troy, Ohio crossed the timing pad at Sebring International Raceway for the final time. The Bike Sebring 12/24 Hour Race, in Sebring, FL had ended and John had recorded 437 miles over the 24 hour period, thus exceeding the 425 miles required to qualifying for the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) solo division. But, thats only a small portion of the story.