Building the crew.

Sara Kay Carrel is my crew chief for solo RAAM 2008. Have been very blessed or lucky whatever you want to call it to have been under excellent crew chiefs for my two previous RAAM experiences. Jim Kern along with David Bradley in 2005 and in 2007 Phil and I had Adrienne Ruggles with Fuzzy Mitchell her assistant. With these crew chiefs if you don’t get across it will not be because of the crew.

Training for Solo RAAM

Oh man it is good to be back in St. Pete getting base miles hanging out with the Mid County boys and gals, just a very fun group to ride with and the miles click off quick.

These folks are riding pretty fast for the off season. Every time I look at the computer I see 28 mph, even into the head winds.



Due to the unpredictable weather and our very busy schedule in the spring time we are moving the Sun Coast Recumbent Rally to the fall in 2008. Currently, the plan is for the date to be around the second week of November. The weather in central Florida is just about perfect at that time of year and we will be able to devote a lot more time to the rally and to those attending as well.