I may not be the only soloist on a recumbent

Reading the Live Coverage on the RAAM site they have a blip on David Jones who is riding RECUMBENT!!!, Has three different bikes looks like a Javilin and Challenge Siren from the blog.

Now a word from our sponsors

This solo race would not be about to start if it was not for all the support from the recumbent enthusiast, Bacchetta family and few key sponsors.

Today’s RAAM news

John and Sara Kay are headed out to the race start this morning from Hays with a stop in Denver to pick up a crew member.

Stuck at home reporter,

Larry Graham

Following the blue dots across America.

donations, buying an OAB and now purchasing Just a quick thank you to all those that are supporting the RAAM Solo effort by outright the Official Team Bacchetta Crew Shirt.