Boston Area: Wheelworks/Bacchetta Weekend July 23rd-25th

Okay you Bacchetta kitties and cats, if you’re even anywhere near this part of the country you better come see us.  Saturday we’ll be giving tons of test rides and Sunday, there’ll be a tour of southern New England.  All hosted by Wheelworks and their top cycling/recumbent dog, Scott Chamberlain.

For more information and some absolutely beautiful photography, check out Scott’s blog: Wheelworks/Bacchetta Weekend 

We’ll see you there!

The Gustafson’s: 8 Days and 400 Miles

Here’s a nice little note from two members of the ever-growing Bacchetta family.  The Gustafson’s were nice enough to share it with us and we’re returning the favor- Thanks Paul and Brenda!

Hey guys,

I thought you might get a kick out of this photo.  It was taken on the last day (8 days total) of our 400 mile trip in 2008 from Buffalo to Albany along the Erie Canal.  It was the first trip like that for both me and my wife Brenda.

Paul Gustafson, PhD, RKT

Paul and Brenda Gustafson along the Erie Canal


New Red Jersey and the Return of X-Eyed!

We’ve been slowly relaunching the X-Eyed line, first with our X-Eyed high end brakes and now with our Hi-Viz and new, Red jersey’s.  The idea was to tone these jersey’s down from our Bacchetta label jersey’s, so every recumbent rider can enjoy the benefits of this cutting edge design, but with the super-cool X-Eyed label. 

Below are some pictures of the new jersey and logo, which should be available around June 21st.  Also, look for the expansion of this logo into other products in the very near future.

X-Eyed Red- Front

X-Eyed Red- Rear

RAAM 2010

Since RAAM is starting today we just wanted to make everyone aware that there are several RAAM records of interest up for grabs this year. The 4-person and Men’s solo records for stock recumbent are the ones we’ll be keeping an eye on but a new record for solo women, stock recumbent, could also be established this year. It’s all very exciting stuff and we’d like to encourage you all to follow along.
And everyone here at Bacchetta would like to wish all those involved in this years RAAM a safe and successful ride!
Best regards,

RAAM Records for stock recumbents:

Category: 4-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: ALS-Bacchetta
Riders: Karta Purk Atehortua, Phil Plath, John Schlitter, Tim Woudenberg
Year: 2005
Average speed: 20.70 mph
Time: 6 days: 03 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,052

Category: 2-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta B Team/Military Families Foundation
Riders: John Schlitter, Phil Plath
Year: 2007
Average speed: 18.07 mph
Time: 7 days: 00 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,046

Category: Solo, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta
Rider: John Schlitter
Year: 2008
Average speed: 11.30 mph
Time: 11 days: 02 hours: 50 minutes
Miles: 3,014