About Mark Colliton

Bacchetta Co-Founder—Mark Colliton has been designing, building and riding recumbents since the early 1990's. Some of Mark's previous designs have been produced by other companies, including RANS, Angletech and Barcroft and have become standards in the industry. Prior to forming BACCHETTA, Colliton worked in the graphic arts industry for 20 years.

Giro-26 wheel options

Below is some general info regarding wheel sizes which will work on our Giro 26 bikes beyond the original stock wheels.  If wheel sizes are a mystery to you, we highly recommend learning a little more about wheel sizes before reading the article.  You can find general wheel and tire information, here:  http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire_sizing.html,

Both the Giro 26 (steel frame) and Giro 26 ATT (aluminum frame) come stock with 26” (ISO 559mm) wheels and 1.25” tires.  Rear dropout spacing is standard MTB 135mm.  Frames and forks come with disc brake tabs and canti posts for V-brakes positioned for 26” (559mm) wheels.  Both Giro26 frames also have a rear brake boss for a traditional road brake caliper which will work with 700c wheels.  Also, the steel and alloy forks available on these models have enough clearance for a 700 wheel with 23c+ tires.  All of this makes both bikes extremely versatile as far as wheel sizes go, but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before making any changes.

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Wheel & Sprocket Spring Expo

Just got back from 5 days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Wheel & Sprocket’s annual Spring Bicycle Expo and, once again, Chris Kegel and his crew knocked it out of the park. Great weather made for some huge crowds looking to jump start the bike season. I was there to help out the Wheel & Sprocket recumbent staff that work out of the Hales Corners store. Jeff, Mark A., Jim and Bob are some of the nicest (and knowledgeable) people you’ll ever meet so if you’re in the area make sure you take some time to check out the Hales Corners store… even if it’s just to say hello!

Old New Seat Clamp

A recent phone call from a customer prompted me to do a quick search of our BLOG archives for the original article Mike posted about our redesigned seat clamp. Turns out that was over 3 years ago but it seems there are still some folks out there that are not aware of that fact. Anyway, here’s what you need to know. The new seat clamp design separates the seat mounting and clamp tensioning functions. It uses one set of bolts to tension the clamp, making the initial set up extremely easy, and a second set of bolts that hold the seat, which allows you to install or remove the seat in a snap without messing with the clamp tension. This means you’ll never loose your seat position if you take your seat off. The other good news, this clamp will work on any Bacchetta model that uses the old style clamp. And at $30 USD it’s a great low cost upgrade that makes traveling with your bike a whole lot easier. The new seat clamps are available at the Bacchetta store:


2012 Bacchetta Line-Up


First, and foremost, we’d like everyone to know that April 1st, 2012 (no joke) will mark the 10th year that Bacchetta has been in business. So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for making our first decade a very successful one. We would also like to give a special shout out to all of our early supporters that took a chance on a new company and kept us going in the early years when success was not a given.

While the arrival of the 2012 bikes is still a few months away there are some things we want to share with everyone now. To help mark our 10th anniversary we’re planning to offer some limited edition colors that pay homage to our company’s beginnings; as well as some of the bikes that we loved growing up. For those of you not familiar with the original Bacchetta bike colors, they were BP Green (Giro-20), Bugatti Blue (Giro-26), Cannibal Orange (Strada) and Natural Ti (Aero). By using a bit of creative license with the original colors, and a brand new decal scheme, we’re hoping to evoke those early Bacchetta bikes while bringing something new to the table at the same time.

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Bacchetta rider Peter Mulvey

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Peter Mulvey, singer, songwriter and Giro-20 owner. Peter was in St. Petersburg this past weekend for a couple of shows (at the Hideaway Café and Skippers Smoke House) and we had chance to both ride with him and see him perform. It was really a great weekend all the way around and we would like to encourage everyone to support one of our own if you can. Please take the time to check out Peter’s schedule and go see him if at all possible. I can guarantee you that it will be worth the price of admission!

Here is a great article from RTC about Peter touring on his bike!

Heart of the South ride reports

Just wanted to let everyone know that there are some great ride reports from Bacchetta Team riders posted at Ultra Race News for this years Heart of the South.

Jacquie and Sarakay

Crosscountry ride!

Mark Swanson sent this over earlier today and asked me to post it. So here it is!

Dave, my neighbor, is riding his Bacchetta Giro-26 from Florida to California. He left on Wednesday (3/9) with his wife, Bonnie, driving a support van. Dave is 61 and he has overcome two knee transplant(s) and other “wear-and-tear”. He’s been training on his bike for the past year. Bonnie also rides a Bacchetta.

An interesting note… a few years ago, Dave’s bike was stolen from outside his office (he rides to/from work). Several months later, the guy who stole the bike was trying to sell it to a pawn shop where he learned that the bike belonged to a Christian minister (Dave had been around to all the pawn shops to ask them to watch for the orange recumbent). When the thief found out he had stolen the bike from a minister, he freaked out, contacted Dave and returned the bike!

Here’s Dave’s facebook page if you want to follow along. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clipped-In/185391171500488

RAAM 2010

Since RAAM is starting today we just wanted to make everyone aware that there are several RAAM records of interest up for grabs this year. The 4-person and Men’s solo records for stock recumbent are the ones we’ll be keeping an eye on but a new record for solo women, stock recumbent, could also be established this year. It’s all very exciting stuff and we’d like to encourage you all to follow along.
And everyone here at Bacchetta would like to wish all those involved in this years RAAM a safe and successful ride!
Best regards,

RAAM Records for stock recumbents:

Category: 4-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: ALS-Bacchetta
Riders: Karta Purk Atehortua, Phil Plath, John Schlitter, Tim Woudenberg
Year: 2005
Average speed: 20.70 mph
Time: 6 days: 03 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,052

Category: 2-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta B Team/Military Families Foundation
Riders: John Schlitter, Phil Plath
Year: 2007
Average speed: 18.07 mph
Time: 7 days: 00 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,046

Category: Solo, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta
Rider: John Schlitter
Year: 2008
Average speed: 11.30 mph
Time: 11 days: 02 hours: 50 minutes
Miles: 3,014

Cafe speed compared to Giro-20?

This was a question asked on our forum and we thought we’d respond here so we could share some pictures.

The Giro and the Café have about the same speed potential because they share the same wheel set and their seat to bottom bracket differential are virtually the same. Overall speed for both bikes can be improved by upgrading the tires/wheels and reclining the seat a bit more but neither design is optimized for speed like our dual 650c bikes are. That said, the seat to BB relationship on both the Giro-20 and Café are very similar to bikes with reputations for being very fast, such as the P-38 and X-stream. (pictured below with their BB’s lined up) Granted, this one design characteristic alone does not make a speed bike but it does show that the Giro-20 and Cafe have, at their core, the potential for higher performance. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are great recreational bikes as well.

Hope this helps!


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