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For improved aerodynamics and better power transfer our bikes have a more aggressive seat to bottom bracket relationship than most other bikes on the market. With a higher bottom bracket design you can also recline your seat further without significantly impacting power output. Being more reclined allows you to distribute a majority of your upper body weight over your entire back, which in turn reduces the load on your glutes. the muscle group you're working the hardest when riding a recumbent. Our above-seat steering also improves aerodynamics by putting the rider in a more natural "hands forward" position. The feel of the steering is very direct and, coupled with one of the industries longest wheelbases, makes for one great handling bike.

After many years of designing some of the most successful triangulated frame designs for other US recumbent companies, Bacchetta's designers decided to go to the custom ovalized/oversized monotube format in a longer (46-47") short wheelbase (SWB) design. We did this for several key reasons.

Our initial prototypes were produced with standard off-the-shelf cromoly 2" tubing, and did not produce the stiffness at a 47" wheelbase that our designers were satisfied with. This led to the Bacchetta production of our own custom teardrop tube in a 2.5" depth, which gave our steel bikes the vertical and lateral stiffness that our designers felt was optimum.

Minimizing air resistance and the tires rolling resistance are the keys to making faster bicycles designs. All Bacchetta models share the ability to lay the seats back and situate the steering assembly so that the body profile is able to minimize aero drag. From a frontal view, the spinning circle of legs and steering apparatus/ arms are inside the torso's wind shadow, critical to reducing drag.

Our monotube frames also allow us to incorporate the highest performance high-pressure tires used on only the fastest road bikes. Whereas triangulated frames using high-pressure tires allow much more road vibration to reach the rider, our vertically flexible monotube keeps the tire more firmly in contact with the road in rougher conditions. This minimizes the tire surface area under the rider to support aero efficiency.

Our dual big wheel formats allow riders to use some of the fastest and most durable wheels, forks, and tires created for upright bicycles in the 26" mountain bike and triathlon formats. Our Giro and Aero Basso models have a smaller 20" front wheel and can use the wide variety of great 26/20" wheel sets that continue to be created for the ever- expanding recumbent market!

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