Bacchetta Recumbent Bike Performance Information

If you're primarily riding your Bacchetta recumbent bicycle for RACING or TOURING, then this section is for you! We've dedicated a segment to those of you who feel the NEED FOR SPEED and are RIDING FOR THE LONG HAUL!

Performance & Recumbents

There are many reasons to consider a recumbent, first and foremost being comfort. When you ride a recumbent bicycle you will no longer have an aching back, stiff neck, strained wrists or a sore bottom. Recumbent bicycles allow you to sit in a relaxed easy-chair position, allowing you to ride longer with less fatigue and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. While seated on a recumbent, you are looking straight ahead, providing you with the best view possible of your surroundings. With your head in a more natural position, you avoid the neck and back pain from being hunched over, the position most associated with a traditional bicycle.

Shoulders, arms, wrists and hands no longer bear the brunt of your weight, because in the recumbent position, they are no longer supporting your upper body. Still having those problems straightening your back after a long ride? With a Bacchetta recumbent, your days of cycling misery are over! The reclined position on your new recumbent bicycle takes the strain from your lower back. In the end, you’re concentrating on the ride and not the pain. Eliminating the pain means opening up a world of cycling performance you can only find on a performance recumbent bicycle. You’ll slice through the wind faster and easier, due to reduced frontal exposure. Handling, cornering, stopping, and overall control is enhanced by the recumbent's lower center of gravity. In fact, many recumbent riders report feeling that the bike seems to be running on rails!

Wind and rolling resistance impose limitations on the performance of any cyclist. All other things being equal, even slight aerodynamic advantages will exhibit significant cycling speed improvements. A performance recumbent bicycle can provide fifteen to thirty percent lower wind resistance (coefficient of drag) over the typical upright racing bike.

Do recumbent bikes climb hills well? This is a common first question by the cycling community and one that we’re always happy to answer. Recumbent bicycles can in fact climb extremely well provided they are geared to do so (as with any other bike) and that the person riding the bike is a good climber. Despite the fact that you cannot stand on the pedals, you can leverage power against the seat. Different muscle groups are employed, and a short period of adaptation to climbing on a recumbent bicycle should be expected. Recumbent bike models with shorter wheelbases tend to do better at climbing than longer models of recumbents.

Recumbent bikes are very versatile machines. They can be used for a wide range of applications: recreational/sport riding, for the daily commute, a fast double century and they are fantastic for long distance touring.

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