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Roller coaster of training:

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Last time I talked about how intervals and recovery. There seems to be a pattern developing. After a fairly intense week I spoke about in my last post the next was a light week of intervals and a little less time on the bike. The next week, last week, was more tempo intervals but of longer duration early in the Read More

Training continues

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With the office back in full swing after the Holiday break and the training hours slowly increasing I have slow down posting on the road to Solo RAAM 2008 let’s bring it back up to date.

Coming events and Thursday recovery ride:

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Thursday recovery ride was an hour up the Pinellas Tail and back nice easy spin. Could feel my legs have been getting punished the last few days. Feels good to know you’re working the muscles. Friday I might redo my power test Coach Kellie says we need to do it again to see what is going on with my numbers.