Monthly Archives: December 2008

Single Speed Giro “FIXIE”

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I had my new bike with me at the fall Bacchetta Cat Trike Rally and a few people notice the set up. At that time I had it set up as just a single speed with a single freewheel cog. Finally got around to getting a 3/32 track cog and set up my flip flop hub with the single freewheel Read More

Key West- Part 1

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   I’m going to make this a two-part story, not so much for the story but rather for the pictures.  I’d say that all in all it was fairly uneventful which for Florida riding, is a good thing.  That said, we had some close encounters and met some interesting people along the way.  We were also able to put in Read More

RAAM 2009

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Team Bacchetta and RAAM 2009  Earlier this fall I let out we had a stellar line up for a 2009 four man RAAM team with the possibility of also fielding a second Bacchetta team for RAAM. Think of it: a Bacchetta “A” and “B” team battling it out in the toughest endurance event on the planet! Unfortunately though, B Team Read More