Bacchetta Riders Unite!

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Announcing the Battle of the Brands.

Bacchetta and Cruzbike have teamed up to host an epic showdown for the Century and 12 Hour races at this year’s Bike Sebring event on February 8, 2020. The challenge is to see which two-wheeled recumbent brand racks up the most combined miles for the Century and 12 Hour events. Riders of any unfaired, two-wheeled recumbent are welcome to join the battle and represent their brand of choice.


Battle Rules:

  • Riders of any unfaired recumbent are welcome to join the festivities.
  • To enroll, signup here before 1/15/2020. This will allow us to plan the stickers, pizza and beverages accordingly.
  • Each person who participates accrues points for the brand they ride (Bacchetta, Cruzbike, Schlitter etc.). One mile equals one point.
  • Only participants in the Century and 12 Hour races qualify. To register for Bike Sebring, head to Bike Sebring’s website here.
  • Participants in the Century race must officially finish in order for the miles to count toward their brand’s points tally.
  • We will use Bike Sebring’s official results to calculate total points accrued for each brand. 1 mile = 1 point.
  • After the 12 Hour race ends, all recumbent riders are invited to celebrate with a pizza party for all participants.
  • All participants will receive a Bike Sebring Battle of the Brands Sticker.
  • Finally, the losing brand’s CEO will wear winning brand’s jersey for a cheeky photo and friendly trash-talking rights.


Get signed up for the Bike Sebring Battle of the Brands now to motivate yourself for a winter of training, friendly trash talking and, of course, the most epic Bike Sebring of all time.

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One response to “Bacchetta Riders Unite!”

  1. Count me in!

    Los Angeles CA

    What I Like: Riding recumbents

    What I Dislike: When my wheels aren’t pointed down

    How I Ride: Bacchetta

    Count me in for the 12 hour since the 24 hour the mileage doesn’t count.

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