Bacchetta Updates- Winter Hours and New Shop Items

Just a couple of items I want to keep everyone abreast of… New Winter Hours- Starting this week, our office will be open Monday-Thursday, 9:30 am till 5:30 pm, ET.  We will be closed on Fridays, until phone and email traffic pick up again- hopefully early next year.  We’ll also be taking these Friday’s to work on finalizing new product and begin work on completely revamping our website (I’m talkin’ BIG baby!). Believe it or not, we actually just had our best November, since we started shipping bikes in 2002.  Matter of fact, our sales for this November were better than 2008’s November and December combined.  This, coupled with an excellent August, September and October, hopefully means there are brighter days ahead for all of us.  New Shop Items- We have a lot of customers, who are nowhere near a good dealer.  To that end, we’ve added a few, necessary items to our shop and you can check them out here: New Bacchetta Shop Items.  That’s it for now.