C/A 2.0, Giro 26 ATT, Brakes, Forks and Accessories

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We rec’d the new X-Eyed brakes and Full Carbon Johnson forks, so we are shipping out C/A’s now.  The only item we did not recieve, are the FCJ’s in 700c- you’ll have to wait another couple weeks for those.

Tomorrow- Friday, July 31st- we’ll be getting in Giro 26 ATT’s (new product!) and some other bikes (Corsa’s).

If you have these bikes on order, your dealer should be recieving them pretty soon.  We started shipping yesterday and will be shipping both C/A’s and 26 ATT’s, over the next few days.

Accessories- we’re steadily adding accessories to our online store.  New within the last week, is our Universal rear rack and One Arm Bandit light mounts.  Check ’em out!

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  1. I looking for a chain guard for my Giro 26, Everytime I get on or off the bike my right leg pants gets chain grease all over it. Where can i get a chain guard>

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