CA2.0 color?

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Thanks for the feedback on the CA2.0 TEAM bike, every little bit helps. As much as we wish we could accommodate everyone’s ideas there is just no way a small company like BACCHETTA can do that, especially on the initial runs of this bike. What we will try to do is build a great bike, that’s a great value and, hopefully, package it in a way that any customer can be proud of what they’re riding. Below are a couple of variations on the TEAM bike scheme. The blue is nice but it doesn’t scream FAST to me. For FAST, I have to go back to my early riding days and my brothers cannibal orange road bike, now that bike looked fast. I’m also partial to green, but that’s just me… Mark

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6 responses to “CA2.0 color?”

  1. The Blue is OK, but the Orange or green really scream speed.
    Of the two ( Green or Orange ) I would have to say the Orange is the color doing the most screaming.

  2. Pipe down over there in the Orange section!

    It is just the opposite for me. The Orange and Green are OK, but the Blue really jumps out. It catches my eye, while the other two are just kind of there.

    It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m partially Red/Green color blind. I still see Red and Green, (and colors that have them as a component), but they are rather drab ho hum colors to me.

    And since at least 10% of the male population is Red/Green color blind to some degree, maybe Blue or Yellow would be the most attention getting colors.

    Whatever color you pick, the bike is obviously gonna be fast, and a winner in more ways than one.

  3. As an owner of an Orange 2002 Strada, please offer the orange color scheme. It looks fast in the orange color scheme and being at least 4 pounds lighter than my upgraded Strada I cannot wait. When will the frame kits be available?

  4. I love the blue version of the bike. But, that’s mostly due to my preference for blue. My wife and sister both joke about the number of Blue shirts I have in the closet.

    If not blue, I like the Orange.

    Either way, I’ll have one upon release.

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