Coming soon: Bacchetta X-Pocket, Hi-Viz Recumbent Jersey

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Bacchetta X-Pocket, Hi-Viz Recumbent Jersey
Bacchetta X-Pocket, Hi-Viz Recumbent Jersey

We’ve been teasing for a while now about this jersey and in a few months- May to be exact- we’ll have them in stock.  These will utilize our X-Pocket design and same fit as our other jersey’s and will soon be available for backorder in our Bacchetta Shop.

Our X-Pocket recumbent jersey’s have been a hit since the day we introduced them.  Since then, a lot of people have been asking for a Hi-Viz option and a little less, er, crap on them.  So what you get is a basic jersey, with minimal graphics.  This makes it easy to wear, no matter what brand of recumbent you ride!

I also want to note the fit on all of our jersey’s.  Right now, we are only able to get them in a “race cut”, which is a slimmer fit.  So, if you like a looser fit, order a jersey that’s a size larger than usual and you should be fine.

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  1. Very interested in the jersey. When it’s available, can you post a photo, so we can see what it really looks like? Thanks.

    BTW, mostly love my brand-new upgraded Giro 26; just regretting having gotten the folding stem instead of the stiffy. How much trouble/$ to switch it out?

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