Bacchetta is constantly on the road showing and racing our great line of recumbent bicycles. If you’ve never been to a bicycle event that includes recumbents than you’re really missing out on a great time. Keep in mind that the recumbent cycling community is made up of people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels, so you’re sure to make a connection if you attend one. Also, Bacchetta TEAM riders and/or Bacchetta staff members are scheduled be at the events listed below and they are always happy to talk recumbent bikes with anyone. These are some of the most knowledgeable recumbent riders on the planet and their experience, expertise, and product knowledge can be a big help when choosing a recumbent bike. So if you’re the least bit interested in recumbents we would encourage you to come out to one of these events and speak face to face with one of the recumbent bicycle experts from Bacchetta! We would also like to encourage all Bacchetta owners to think about joining us at one of these events. Even if you’re not racing or looking for a new bike, it’s always great to see our customers, and the Bacchetta TEAM riders really appreciate your support.

We have no events currently scheduled.