Jim Verheul

Sex: Sounds interesting!
Gender: Male
Age: Getting older
Location: Westlake Village, CA


Rode to school and back every day, even in snow, from the age of 7. Won the first race I ever rode in ’86, a criterium in Kingston, NY. Worked in a bike shop and lived bikes from ’87 to ’94. President of 2 cycling clubs. USCF category 2 racer, official, and NORBA expert MTB racer. Race director of at least 30 events. Rode hundreds of road events and a few dozen MTB races. Been riding a Bacchetta since buying a Ti Aero in 2003. Since then I have set several UMCA  http://www.ultracycling.com/ records on Bacchetta Bikes. Currently an associate coach with JBVCoaching.com http://jbvcoaching.com/ , helping other riders reach new levels of performance and achieve their goals.


After 2 months of rest, supervised core strengthening, and flexibility work, I did a really easy and flat road ride on my MTB. I kept my heart rate under 130bpm. I figured the full suspension plus the stem turned upside down to move the bars up would give me the best odds of not hurting my back, yet again. I was wrong. I had to crawl around my house until the afternoon the next day it hurt so much. That was my last gasp as a DF rider/racer. Fast forward 2 years and I am 40 pounds overweight, depressed, and recovering from a broken leg. My physical therapist is also a good friend of mine. He suggests I get on an exercise bike to rebuild the weak leg. I look at him and shake my head. He then points me to his new toy in the corner, a recumbent exercise bike. We discuss my back and the forces involved on this new bike. Fast forward a few weeks, and while no one is watching I am doing intervals at 400W on it! The real news was that I could walk the next day too!! After PT was over, I picked up a cheap used recumbent to ride outside, just to see if I could still stay pain free on longer rides out in the real world. It worked, and in 5 months I was in much better shape and spirits, and ready to invest in a fast recumbent bike. I took a Ti Aero out for a test ride. It had a speedo on it! I was cruising down the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) doing 22mph easily. I ramped it up to 27mph. As an ex racer I was shocked, as my legs did not feel the burn they usually did at that speed. So I ramped it up to 32mph. Ah Hah!! Now that felt like 27mph should. I was sold on just being able to ride again. The speed was real nice bonus.    


 I’ve been on a CA2.0 (700c Large) for about 4 years now, and still loving it. I also have 2 aluminum Corsa’s (L 650c and a M 24″ for loaning out ). I also got to spend a few years on a CA1.0, an old steel Corsa and my original Ti Aero. Thinking about a second L 700c, Corsa or CA2, as a loaner/spare/travel bike. I occasionally ride carbon seats but most of the time it’s Euro-mesh for me.

What still amazes me about these bikes is that I can ride 1 hour criteriums with current continental professionals and be competitive, and be comfortable for 24 hour ultra marathon races, all on the same bike.  That is just awesome! I feel lucky to have a bike that allows me to do so much.

2013 SEASON PLANS: 4/28 Sharky’s ride in Venice FL, 6/22 Los Angeles Wheelmen Grand Tour 200 in Malibu CA, 8/24 Mid Atlantic 12/24 in Washington NC, 11/9 World 6/12/24 Time Trial Championships in Coachella Valley CA, and lots of training criteriums!!


2013: 2nd place Sebring 12 Hour (255 miles), several “Thursday Night World Championship” Criterium wins/primes in Long Beach and Camarillo, CA.

2012: Overall Track Record at Sebring 24 Hour Drafting Race (523.9 miles), 12 Hour World Time Trial Champion, UMCA 24 Hour Challenge Champion (Male, Recumbent, 25-49), lots of training race wins at the Hughes Ride and Orchard Park Criteriums.

2010: Bent Up Cycles 4 Man Team RAAM rider/coach (1st place recumbent team, 3rd overall), RUSA Super Randonneur, Cyclos Montagnards http://www.cyclosmontagnards.org/WhatAreCM.html  R-70 Honoree

2009: El Tour de Tucson first recumbent and platinum qualified 109 miles in 4:47. RUSA Super Randonneur, Cyclos Montagnards http://www.cyclosmontagnards.org/WhatAreCM.html  R-70 Honoree.

2008: Markleeville Death Ride (129 miles and 15,000′ of climbing) in under 10 hours, Furnace Creek 508 Team Raven Lunatics 2nd Place 2-Man Recumbent

2007: Sebring 12 Hour tied with Jim Kern for 1st, Calvins Challenge 12 Hour Course Record with John Schlitter, Ultra MidWest 12 Hour Course Record with John Schlitter, Furnace Creek 508 Team Mussel 2-Man 30-39 Recumbent Course Record, UMCA 12 Hour (John Marino) Challenge winner and mileage record setter (768 miles in 3 events)

2006: Markleeville Death Ride (129 miles and 15,000′ of climbing) in under 12 hours.

2005: Hotter’n Hell 100 miles in 3:56 with John Schlitter.

2004: North American HPVA Champion. Hotter’n Hell 100 miles in 3:56 with John Schlitter.

2003: North American Recumbent Criterium Championship 3rd.