Sara Kay Carrell

Age: 36 and only getting faster!
Location: Hays, Kansas

Riding Background:
I have been riding a bike for 34 years. Yep. And I am only 36. The trick is to never stop riding, just like I didn’t ever stop riding a bicycle. Started out at 2 years old on a bike with no training wheels and I have not put a bicycle down since. After starting college, the bike riding expanded into mountain biking, road biking, cyclocross racing, and then recumbents.  Most of the riding was all for fun. Then I tried out my first race in 2003 on a mountain bike. From then on I was hooked on racing!

How did you get into Recumbents?
Several of the riding group members rode recumbents and more and more of them were switching to them. Soon, the idea was floating in my head that I needed one too! In 1999, I purchased my first recumbent, a V-Rex Classic 24’s. After crewing for Team Bacchetta-ALS, a four man Bacchetta recumbent team, in RAAM 2005, I was hooked. I knew I could do that kind of racing and I started right in with my first ultra on my Bacchetta shortly after!

How did you get asked to be a TEAM BACCHETTA team mate?
After two biology degrees and working full time in my field for a year, I gravitated back to Hays after not “fitting in” with the new job. I decided I needed to get back to Hays to finish up my Masters degree. Well, I landed a job at The Hub instead of delving right away into finishing the degree. Managing a bicycle shop only sunk me deeper into the love affair of cycling. I like to be an influential role model for women and to all people looking for motivation to be adventurous and become a healthier person. Working in a bicycle shop and a spot on Team Bacchetta were perfectly fitting!

 It was an honor to be the first Lady Killer B for Team Bacchetta! Over the last 6 years of endurance racing, I have gradually built up a nice little racing resume!

What Bacchetta do you ride?
CA 2.0 is my racing rig, with the Ti Aero always on board as the secondary/backup bicycle. My Giro-26ATT is set up for county road cruising and for pulling my 80 lb Labrador, Moonlight. It also has mid-ship rack on it for hauling gear around.

Ultra Cycling Racing Experience:
Established the first course record for women recumbents in 14 different Ultra events
Holds 6 UMCA state crossing records for women recumbents

UMCA official record, Kansas West to East Solo State Crossing. 422.4 miles, 28 hr 27min, 2nd fastest crossing of Kansas. 14.85mph average. No sleep!

Heart of the South 500, 2 person team with Jacquie Hafner, established new course record of 33:43.

Texas Rando Stampede 1200k

UMCA official record, Nebraska South-North Solo State Crossing. 218.9 miles, 12 hr 45 min, first woman to complete, 3rd fastest of all other records!

Furnace Creek 508, Solo. First female recumbent to finish. Non- stop time of 44 hr 56 min.

UMCA official record, Oklahoma South-North Solo State Crossing. 230.8  miles, 11 hrs 45 min. First woman to complete and 2nd fastest of all other records!

Race Across the West, Solo. First woman on recumbent to finish. Completed race in 82 hr 46min, with only 2 hr 15min of sleep!! 7th of 13 overall

Personal Best Ride:
I will never forget my very first ultra cycling event, my 2006 record setting ride Kansas South to North.  My mind and body felt so good for that race.  I was so new to the ultra world and I learned so much from that one 230 mile race!  And I had the best crew ever!!! This one race sealed the deal that I did want to become an ultra racer!  And that same core group of crew members keeps coming back for more crewing, too!!  Did I say they are the best ever?!?

Proposed Races for 2013:
I am taking a break in 2013 from the ultra cycling scene. It is time to rejuvenate the mind and spirit with some mountain bicycle racing! Here is the mtb line up plan:

June: Dirty Kanza 200, Kansas
August: Leadville 100 mtb, Colorado
September: Pisgah National Forest 5-day mountain bike stage race, North Carolina
October: X-terra Epic Off Road Triathlon, Arkansas