About Us

Our Mission

To provide a well-designed bicycle that delivers superior performance with uncompromised style.

What We’ve Accomplished

Bacchetta Bicycles, Inc. opened its doors in February 2002. In the last sixteen years, the company has achieved renowned respect in the bicycle industry for producing our exceptional line of recumbent cycles. Drawing on the 60 years of combined recumbent experience of Mark Colliton, Rich Pinto, Mike Wilkerson, Jeremy Massey, and Mark Swanson, we make the highest quality bicycles and accessories for you, the recumbent enthusiast.

Our innovative frame designs have started a trend in the industry. We have developed what has now become known as the standard for performance recumbents.

“Besides building good bikes, Bacchetta has revitalized SWB design, changed the way we look at performance recumbents, and developed a new roadie recumbent market in the process. Pretty cool, huh?”

Recumbent Cyclist News, RCN 082, May/ June 2004: The Bacchetta Corsa, by Bob Bryant.

At Bacchetta, we’ve chosen the more performance oriented short wheelbase (SWB) format and created designs that provide excellent handling and comfort characteristics. To learn more about our frame design philosophies, please review our Frame Design information.

What We’re Doing Now

Now that we’ve made our niche in the recumbent and bicycle industries, we’re dedicated to growing the recumbent market as a whole. To do that, we need to engage ourselves in the larger cycling community, not only as a manufacturer – but as individuals as well. By supporting and belonging to organizations like the League of American Bicyclist (LAB), Adventure Cycling and the Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), we hope to play our part in promoting an appreciation for the outdoors and encouraging a more active lifestyle for our American population.

To support these goals, our Bacchetta team is also on the road attending local cycling events. It’s part of our personal approach to meet our customers and our grassroots attempt to provide cyclists of all types, the opportunity to try out our state-of-the-art recumbent bikes. For a complete list of national events we will be attending, please visit our EVENTS PAGE. We love to meet our riders.

For information on joining the organizations mentioned above, please visit our Resources Page.

Where We’re Going

We have bright expectations for our future and we believe that the best is yet to come. We’re continually striving to maintain Bacchetta’s position as recumbent trailblazers. We will go on creating innovative bikes and striking designs. We’re always improving on our well-known line of performance recumbents, so our customers can continue to expect high-quality bikes in the upcoming future. We’ll also be working toward expanding our product line to include more designs to fit the needs and goals of all rider types.

We will maintain our personal touch on the bicycle industry – where no one else will. We enjoy playing an active role in promoting recumbents at local cycling events. Bacchetta is committed to go the extra mile to accomplish this, so we’ll be there.