New Bacchetta Bikes for 2010

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Kind of.  These are actually new takes on current bikes that work better in our lineup and give you more variety.  If you’re wondering where the new, whiz bang designs are, just for the sake of saying we designed something new, you’ve come to the wrong place.  We build bikes that stand the test of time and our current designs already work.  Really work.  That they happen to be the coolest looking recumbents on the planet, is gravy. 

2010 Giro 26- $1499
2010 Giro 26- $1499

Giro 26- Our first dual 26 bike under $1500!  The MSRP on the Giro 26 is $1499 and will feature the original steel frame, a new steel fork, X-5 drivetrain and v-brakes.  As with our other SWB models, you can opt for stock Re-Curve seat or the EuroMesh seat, at no extra charge.  This bike will be available around the first of March.

2010 Bella- $1599
2010 Bella- $1599

Bella- This will replace the Bellandare in our lineup, but you get quite a bit more in the trade, namely in the frame.  The Bella will feature the same, aluminum frame as the Bella ATT, X-5 drivetrain and v-brakes.  MSRP on the new Bella is $1599.  This bike will be available around the first of May.

We will also have a few more small, but important running changes to some of our other models.  Keep an eye out for them here, as the year goes on.

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