Brake – X-Eyed Front Brake

CNC’d, left hand side-pull, long reach (43-57mm) brake, weighs in at 115 grams

$150.00 $100.00

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CNC’d, left hand side-pull, long reach (43-57mm) brake, weighs in at 115 grams

Will not work with rims wider then 22mm

2 reviews for Brake – X-Eyed Front Brake

  1. Bruce Erdman

    X Eyed Black Eye Brake review

    cherry hill

    What I Like: light and looks great

    What I Dislike: mediocre stopping power and controll

    How I Ride: club rides 15-19

    NOt too impressed with this brake, works ok but not great grip on panic stop. Does not have smooth pull feel even when it was new. I have tried several pads and adjustments with little results. On the plus side it is light and looks Great! does the job but its the only thing I don’t like on this wonderful ride.

  2. Bill Boin

    X Eyed front brake

    Melbourne Australia

    What I Like: Love my 650 Corsa

    What I Dislike: The front brake on the Corsa and Aero

    How I Ride: Just did a fast 242 km around the bay. Enjoy generally moderate to quick rides.

    I rode my mates Aero that came with the X Eyed brake. Stopping power is everything so while it may look OK it is a poor excuse for a brake. I put this down to it being single pivot with short leverage arms. Therefore no matter what pads we used, stopping power was never better than pathetic and outright dangerous if even slightly wet.
    He gave me the brake but I will never use it on my Corsa. The Corsa’s brake is dual pivot but still not fantastic – needs more leverage in the arms.

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