RAAM 2010

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Since RAAM is starting today we just wanted to make everyone aware that there are several RAAM records of interest up for grabs this year. The 4-person and Men’s solo records for stock recumbent are the ones we’ll be keeping an eye on but a new record for solo women, stock recumbent, could also be established this year. It’s all very exciting stuff and we’d like to encourage you all to follow along.
And everyone here at Bacchetta would like to wish all those involved in this years RAAM a safe and successful ride!
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RAAM Records for stock recumbents:

Category: 4-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: ALS-Bacchetta
Riders: Karta Purk Atehortua, Phil Plath, John Schlitter, Tim Woudenberg
Year: 2005
Average speed: 20.70 mph
Time: 6 days: 03 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,052

Category: 2-Person, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta B Team/Military Families Foundation
Riders: John Schlitter, Phil Plath
Year: 2007
Average speed: 18.07 mph
Time: 7 days: 00 hours: 26 minutes
Miles: 3,046

Category: Solo, Stock Recumbent
Team: Bacchetta
Rider: John Schlitter
Year: 2008
Average speed: 11.30 mph
Time: 11 days: 02 hours: 50 minutes
Miles: 3,014

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