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John Cunningham of Recumbent Brothers Bicycle Shop passed along a story from friends of his out west, enjoy. js


“The spirit of the Mad Medico of Mandeville is alive and well as 
personified by the club wielding maniac who attacked a group of four 
riders yesterday morning on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills.

The group, consisting of three former and/or current La Grange 
members, Al Lavery, Joel Slaven and Skip Nevell and Ron Sarchian, a 
member of the San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club, were proceeding west 
on Ventura, outward bound on their customary Sunday ride, when the 
incident occurred.

The first indication of a problem manifested itself as the attacker 
sped past the group in his auto, leaning on the horn in apparent 
displeasure at being somehow slowed by their presence on HIS street. 
It was early morning and traffic was VERY light. At worst we were 
riding two abreast on the far right side of a very wide street.

The cretin then pulled to the curb ahead of the group, leaped from the 
car shouting obscenities and swung at Ron as we rode past. Ron fended 
off the blow with his forearm and we continued.

Not dissuaded, you have to admire his persistence, Sir Violence, again 
sped past us, nimbly exited his vehicle and the real fun started.

I was in the lead and I watched as he opened the rear door of his car 
and pulled out what looked like a length of black iron pipe. Fearing 
the worst, I rolled past and immediately heard a loud “thwack.”

Stopping and dismounting I turned to view the spectacle of Ron 
wrestling in the middle of the street with the lunatic.

I digress here to provide a few details of Ron’s resume. He is a 
former college football player, skydiver, rodeo clown, you know, the 
guys in funny suits who divert enraged bulls away from fallen riders 
and currently, between acting gigs, he is a personal fitness trainer. 
In addition, he holds numerous Guinness Book world records including 
most punches thrown to a bag in one minute, most roundhouse kicks 
delivered to a heavy bag in one hour and longest time spent punching a 
bag,,minimum one punch per second.

He is big, amazingly strong and very fit.

If you wished to attack a bicycle rider within a hundred mile radius 
of where we were at that moment, I wager the last guy you would chose 
would be Ron. To put it as baldly as possible, jerko was f—–g 
with,the wrong Marine.

The fight lasted at least three seconds and ended with Ron on top of 
the jerk in the middle of Ventura Blvd., securing him with an arm lock 
to the throat that prevented ANY movement.

The police were summoned and they responded with immediate and 
overwhelming force. At one point we counted seven black and whites and 
a helicopter circling over head. It was Sunday morning, what else was 
there to do?

Ron emerged unhurt from the fracas although he had been knocked from 
his bike by a blow to the rib cage I heard being delivered. 
Fortunately for Ron, the 20″pipe” turned out to be a walking stick but 
one certainly capable of inflicting serious damage when wielded by a 
determined attacker.

Jerko was handcuffed and hauled off to jail and we proceeded on our 
way trailed by the words of one of the arresting officers, “Have a 
nice ride, guys.”

And that we did.”

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  1. I hate to hear of any rider’s suffering violence, but I must say I loved reading about an idiot tangling with so exactly the wrong rider. Big kudos to Ron for successfully defending himself, but most of all for controlling the situation and his attacker with a minimum of damage. Hat’s off for the physical prowess and especially for staying cool-headed under extreme provocation.

  2. A friend had the similar kind of incident, two guys in pickup. It ended with one of them on the ground being pummeled and the other one crying, don’t hurt him. BTW, I wonder the same thing sometimes, but I don’t understand why we always want to know “what the lunatic’s problem was?” Having encountered my share, and having been married to one, they are just crazy. Take reasonable precautions.

  3. I sure would hate to see this happen to my youth group of 4-H Cyclists…I dont know foresure what I would do as the leader if an adult behaved this way…I guess I would become the Mama Bear and scratch his eyes out…BUT I wouldn’t even want the kids to witness me having to go there… We are planning to do the Under Ground Railroad tour in 2010=11 …maye Ron could join us .
    My kids range is ages form 10 – 17 and they are also ballroom dancers so none of us have form of violence training …maybe we should take up some self defense before our ride.

  4. Most of these type of stories don’t have a good ending. Lucky thes guys had Ron as company.

    This is also a very good example for at least one of EVERY group ride to have a ‘concealed handgun liscensce’ (chl), if your state allows it.
    I don’t wish to kill anyone, but, place this incident to a lawyer and get an opinion.

  5. I want to Thank everyone for the positive responses to the story that my riding buddy “Skip” published back in January of 2009 about the idiot that attacked me with a cane. I have since been to court on 3 seperate occassions to get restitution money that was awarded to me by the court. People like this simply don’t get it and need to be punished. After seeing this idiot in the courtroom on several occassions, it’s fairly obvious that the time behind bars and the anger management classes were simply a waste of time. His behavior and words made this very clear to the court and to me. I can say this, our justice system may be slow, but it can actually work and this time I feel that it did. Please check out my blog at SarchianFitness.com and let me know what you think. It’s a much more detailed, first hand account of the actual incident. Thank you again for your support. Peace Ron Sarchian

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