Single Speed Giro “FIXIE”

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I had my new bike with me at the fall Bacchetta Cat Trike Rally and a few people notice the set up. At that time I had it set up as just a single speed with a single freewheel cog. Finally got around to getting a 3/32 track cog and set up my flip flop hub with the single freewheel and track cog.

Last night I took the Giro fixie  and did a ride put on by our local Bacchetta dealer Bicycle Outfitters,, . Diana, Jerry, Adam Belander and the Outfitter crew put on a great X-mas light ride though Lake Park neighborhood that decorates up their streets and accepts donations to the Hospice. A good spread of treats with hot cider and cocoa at the store was well appreciated on the chilly Florida night (come on it was like 54 degrees).

Oh back to the fixie, she worked great and it is very interesting riding a high bottom bracket recumbent with a fix gear and reclined. I recommend keeping the extra brakes and not to depend upon leg braking. Other then that it works well, some planning on starts maybe required more, “Pinto run”  the duck run launches to get going as you though your feet up on to the pedals.

 More on the bike, I had my builder Cam “the man” Millet take a 2007 Giro 26 frame add in some track drop outs, clean off a few extra housing stops and stubby the front del. Post and his choice of color, which seems to be liked by a lot of people. I picked up a set of Surly single speed hubs built on to a Mavic Open Sport 700c rims and put on a pair of Maxxis 700c x 25mm Re-Fuse tires for banging around on. Added in a some Kore rear dropout adjusters you get a Fixie Giro. Note I ended up going with a 3/32 cog and chain to fit though the Bacchetta idler wheel, Tried a heavy duty 1/8 KMC chain and it was to wide for the idler wheel.


Merry Christmas


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  1. Darn John, Wish I had known about the Christmas light ride. That’s my old neighborhood and a great one it is!! We still visit every year to see the lights and crank up the Christmas spirit. If I’m still vertical next year I’ll be there.

  2. Wow, that is a nice color! Have you had to do the Pinto run on an incline that was too steep to get going?

    Interesting comment about having Cam The man add track ends to the frame. You sounded almost like Jobst Brandt nonchalantly noting that if anything ever broke on his decades old steel frame that he could simply have his riding partner, who happens to be a frame builder, fix it for him easily, unlike CF or Al frames. 🙂

    Hm…maybe I’ll try it by slapping a skinny tire on my 559 ENO eccentric hubbed fixed/single-speed conversion MTB bike’s wheel and it should fit on my Strada, though I’m not sure the rear brake would reach, especially with the eccentric aspect.

  3. John..
    As Larry as.. thats the bike I have been wanting. I have a 650 rim (that I picked up from Larry) that I have been thinking about lacing to a White Bros ENO hub.
    I took the intro class at the velodrome in Atlanta and have been riding there. I built up a track bike and keep thinking about the possibility of racing on teh velodrome with a fixed recumbent. They are holding firm to their “Fixed gear, no brakes” rule.
    I’d love to that out someday!

  4. I have a cheapo conversion fixed gear Bacchetta Giro 20. Bolt on drop outs of 1/8″ aluminum 6061-T6 plate. Been riding it almost a year. 42T / 15T x 27″ rear wheel = 74″ gear works well for relatively flat rides. Chain idler spins one way, with the slack chin side not scaring the idler. Had to do it because of frame clearance trouble. Front brake has a custom copper flex tube as the noodle to clear chain. Simple and light. Good training tool to develop round pedaling. Pictures on Flickr link

  5. I love seeing the “real” fixed gear of yours. I am wondering if you have some special idler that spreads the chain wider than on the multiple geared bents? On my Giro, the chain rubs against itself when routed normally, at the two cross points. Thus, I had to place both on the under side of the idler. Cheers, John F.

  6. Wow! The bike is cool, but that front light mount is even cooler. I’ve been wanting something like that for my GIro 26. Is it custom made, or can one buy that someplace?

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