The first CT 2.0 production trikes are in.

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Hey!  Wanted to let you know our first small batch of production carbon fiber trikes has arrived and we are busy doing the final assembly.  They look fantastic and ride even better. These initial ones are for CarbonTrikes back-ordered customers and the factory is now busy cranking out additional ones for general availability.   Check back here for further updates.

In the meantime, enjoy these high-res studio pictures.




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5 responses to “The first CT 2.0 production trikes are in.”

  1. Very sweet!

    Saint George

    What I Like: nearly everything.

    What I Dislike: Lack of bag locations for carrying tools, pump, food, water, clothing layers, etc. How big is the secret space in the monocoque?

    How I Ride: Long solo day rides, in locations without water.

    Good work!

    • Stay tuned Chris, we have a rack now and are coming out with a line of bags that mount to the rack as well as one that fits over the seat. Thanks for the post.


  2. Can I get a Triple ?

    Punta Gorda, Florida & Green Mountain, North Carolina

    What I Like: Climbing mountains

    What I Dislike: Diamond Frames - They caused my last 2 fingers to go numb, my neck ,back and butt hurt on long rides even after a professional bike fit.

    How I Ride: 30 - 50 mile rides some 100 rides

    I own a Bacchetta CA 2.0 recumbent and a Catrike700. Both have a triple 24- 39- 52 with a 10 speed 12 -36 cog.
    I am 72 years old and live in SW Florida for 6 months and 6 months in the mountains of NW North Carolina by the Blue Ridge Parkway & Mt. Mitchell. In NC we have mountains to climb that are 5 – 7 mile climbs with grades from 4 – 12 % grade . There are some short climbs with grades of 16 – 20 % + grades. As you can tell I love to climb and the thrill of flying down the mountains is exhilarating hitting speeds of 48 mph on the trike.

    On your new carbon fiber trike can I get a triple with a 24 – 39 – 50 set-up and a 10 speed rear 12-36 ? If not what is the best double you can do to help in the climbs ? 26 -50 with a 11 speed 11-32 cog??

  3. XD driver for Rear Hub

    Holden, MO

    What I Like: I really like the light weight along with the 42 tooth rear gear. Also the trike really look good and is finished very well.

    What I Dislike: I am use to riding a Catrike 700 where you are firmly planted in the bucket of the seat. On the CT2, when roads have quite a bit of camber especially on curves, I feel like I could roll off the seat.

    How I Ride: I ride the CT2 on paved roads around my location. I also ride a gravel bike fairly often on the Katy Trail here in MO.

    Is there an XD driver available for the rear hub, as I want to install a Sram Eagle XX1 on mine.

    • Hi Al,

      The bucket of the CT 2.0 definitely has built in cupping action, which is very noticeable. But this will also depend on how big you are, etc. I’ve seen a lot of people ride this trike on 2 wheels (not recommended) and have no issues in staying firmly tucked into the seat. However, it may also depend on the seat foam you’re using, ie, the Ventisit is a little slippier than the new Bacchetta custom seat foam.

      Currently, we do not have an XD driver available as that’s a mountain hub system and we’re using a road hub.

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