Bacchetta Carbon Trike 2.0

MSRP: $5995

The next generation of recumbent trikes from Bacchetta that is not only the lightest and fastest production recumbent trike in the world but an “object of beauty”.   The CarbonTrike 2.0 is a true Real World Performance machine born from a collaboration between Bacchetta and Carbon Trikes.

The CT2.0 offers a full carbon monocoque frame with integrated storage; adjustable seat back; Ackerman steering, self-centering with a 19′ turning circle. Shown here with optional rear fender and headrest. 

For a full picture gallery see the latest blog post here: Bacchetta CT2.0

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ModelBacchetta Carbon Trike 2.0
Designed ByLars and Artur
FrameFull Carbon Monocoque w/Internal Storage. 28 Degree Seat Angle.
IdlerAlligt 68mm w/Aluminum Drive Teeth
SeatIntegrated Carbon w/Vertical Seat Back Adjust
Seat PadBCT Custom
HandlebarBCT Custom Aluminum
Rear DerailShimano XT 11 speed, RD-M8000-SGS (extra long cage)
Front DerailMicroshift FD-R58-B with 31,8mm clamp, black
ShiftersMicroShift BS-M11 11x2 speed for Shimano DynaSys
CranksetSRAM Force 22, GXP, 50-34T 170mm
Bottom BracketSRAM Force, GXP, BSA68
HeadsetTange Seiki 1 1/8"
CassetteMicroshift, CS-G113, 11-42 T
Front BrakeTektro M521 Gemini SL Hydraulic, black
Rear BrakeN/A
Brake LeversTektro Gemini SL Hydraulic (with parking brake band included)
Front Wheel406 BCT Lightweight Disc, Tubeless Ready
Rear Wheel700c BCT Lightweight Disc, Tubeless Ready
Front Tire406 Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless, 28c
Rear Tire700c Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless, 28c
ChainKMC X11 11 Speed
BB Height14 1/4"
Seat Height7 3/4"
Weight27 lbs.
Weight Limit275 lbs.
Gear Range21"-120"
ColorMatte Black w/Clear Coat- Red or Blue Stripe/Decal Option
Frame SizeStandard Only
X Seam37"-48"
Overall Width29"
Overall Height27"
Overall Length65"-76"
Turning Circle19'
Track Width27.5"
Ground Clearance3"

Head/Neck Rest

Rear Carbon Fender

Custom Water Bladder

Water Bottle cages


Custom Flag

Rear Light Mount

Computer Mount

1 review for Bacchetta Carbon Trike 2.0

  1. Bryan Ball

    Bacchetta Carbon Trikes 2.0 Review

    Rochester NY

    What I Like: Looks great, More practical than you may think

    What I Dislike: Flexy boom - being fixed with optional race boom

    How I Ride: Agresssive

    Since the day Bacchetta was launched, they’ve had a brand. They made their name in racing while winning numerous titles such as Race Across Florida and RAAM. For several years, they were pretty much untouchable on the track. But unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) times have changed and the market for two-wheel recumbents just isn’t what it used to be. They had to make a trike. So… Being Bacchetta… they stuck to what they know best and came up with the subject of our review. The Carbon Trike 2.0 (CT2.0)

    Bacchetta didn’t do this all on their own. Designing and building a new trike design from the ground up is a daunting task. To make things easier and faster (in more ways than one) they partnered with Carbon Trikes from Sweden to produce their new trike. They used Carbon Trikes design know-how and their manufacturing experience to bring what was previously a well-regarded but almost unobtainable trike to the mass market.

    The CT2.0 is built in the same Taiwan factory as the famed Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0. To sum it up… these guys know what they’re doing. The CT2.0 looks every bit as beautiful and refined as a CA2.0. The matte black carbon combined with the either blue or red accents looks fantastic and the swoopy lines aren’t just an aerodynamic benefit, they are positively intoxicating to look at. Aesthetics are always subjective, but to my eyes, this is the sexiest trike I’ve ever seen.

    Fit and finish are superb as well. I didn’t see a single flaw that even remotely stuck out to me. I was almost expecting a few things being that this is Bacchetta’s first trike, but there just weren’t any. There are just so many nice touches on this trike. Like the internal storage, the beautiful Carbon Trikes hubs, the carbon steering knuckles… You could spend hours staring at this thing and still find cool features and details.

    And that’s a pretty good thing because this puppy ain’t cheap. MSRP is $5995. Which honestly isn’t bad at all for a full carbon fiber trike, but is significantly more that say… A Catrike 700. For that price, you do get some top notch components. There’s a SRAM Force 22 crankset, Shimano XT rear derailleur with an 11-42 cassette and Tektro Gemini hydraulic brakes. There are also Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires all around. I had zero problems with any of these components during my test and found that the gear range was pretty perfect for this type of trike. And the weight of all of this is an honest 27.1 lbs on my hanging scale.

    The CT2.0’s seat is set at 28 degrees. Some true hardcore racers may wish for a riding position that is a bit racier, but I really liked it just where it was. It’s laid back enough to be sporty, but still upright enough to not kill your neck on a century ride. Same can be said for the bottom bracket height.

    The seat itself is very comfortable. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more side bolstering in really fast corners, but I never felt like I was going to fall off or anything. The ride from the carbon fiber frame was shockingly good at absorbing bumps. I never once felt like my teeth were rattling out of my head like I have on some other performance trikes.

    The handling on the CT2.0 was also something that I could live with for the length of a very long ride. It was light and predictable with just a touch of brake steer which I actually don’t mind on higher performance trikes. Sometimes it’s nice to just drag a brake a little bit to make a high speed corner.

    This trike is definitely fast. I’d put it right up there with the Catrike 700’s and ICE VTX’s of the world. I can’t say it’s FASTER, but it’s in the conversation. With one exception… Under very heavy acceleration, the boom is quite flexy. Luckily, Bacchetta is already offering a fix for that with the new and stiffer “Racing Boom” option. I’ll be getting one for mine and if you’re a masher idiot who pedals squares like me, I’d recommend you do the same.

    One thing I was surprised about on the CT2.0 is that it’s actually a pretty practical trike. It’s comfortable, the turning circle isn’t horrid. There are places to mount all kinds of accessories. It comes with a neck rest and carbon rear fender. Heck… It even has internal storage!

    My overall impressions are that the CT2.0 is a great performance trike. And for a first effort from Bacchetta… It’s an AMAZING trike.


    MSRP – $5995

    Highs – Looks great, More practical than you may think

    Lows – Flexy boom (Being fixed with optional race boom)

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